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One Steps

One-Step Sparring
• Simulated no-contact sparring
• Available to beginners only (White-Yellow)

For the tournament competition students white, orange or yellow belts not sparring will need to know #1 and #2 Onesteps of any white, orange or yellow belt form.

Below is information on Onesteps #1 & #2 for Songahm 1

Songahm #1 – One Step #1

Sonaghm 1 – Onestep #2


Tiny Tigers demonstrate onesteps facing forward. Kids, Teens and adults demonstrate with a partner

Here are the partner one steps tutorial
OneStep #1 Partner

Onestep #2 Partner

In case of a tie when competing with onesteps, for the tie breaker students can choose either #1 or #2 onestep to perform (choose the one you won with)

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